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Who is NJRD?

New Jersey Roller Derby (NJRD) was founded in 2011 by skaters looking for a team where they could find an inclusive and supportive community and pursue the sport that they love. We are a flat track roller derby league based in Morristown, New Jersey. We are comprised of skaters of various ages, occupations, and backgrounds from all regions of New Jersey. We are highly competitive athletes and we are dedicated to our sport. We train on and off the track to meet the physical and mental expectations that roller derby demands of its skaters. We are a democracy, sharing a voice to create and maintain the standards of excellence that our league has grounded.

We follow the rules set forth by our association the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). We compete at a regional and national level, promoting the sport that we all love to play.  

We value athleticism, sportsmanship, discipline, and accomplishment. And we love to share our love of roller derby with others! If you want to learn more about roller derby, NJRD or how you can join our team, email us, check us out on social media or stop by one of our practices